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I was studying the concept of IOC and DI and tried to implement it. There are many third party tools like AutoFac,Ninject,UnitCOntroller etc. But is it possible to implement IOC and DI without using any those third party tool.

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CHill60 19-Jan-15 6:43am    
5'd - same article that I was going to suggest :-)
TheRealSteveJudge 19-Jan-15 6:46am    
Thank you!
Mithun P 19-Jan-15 23:47pm    
Hi Thanks for your reply but I am using Repository Pattern ,now in controller I am calling this repository interface in constructor as Constructor Injection. So now how do I handle default constructor.
TheRealSteveJudge 20-Jan-15 2:14am    
Your're welcome!
This looks like a new question.
When you ask a new question,
do not forget to give also the code you have written.
Thank you.
Mithun P 20-Jan-15 3:44am    
Hi..Below is the code for controller.

public class ProductController : Controller
private IProductService productService;
public ProductController(IProductService productService)
this.productService = productService;


This Product service code is as below

public class ProductService:IProductService
private IRepository productRepository;
public ProductService(IRepository productRepository)
this.productRepository = productRepository;

Now you can see in controller class I am not using default constructor. For this I used two ways ,one using autofac another Unity. But can I achieve this without using any of this third party.
Please look here :
an introduction to Inversion of Control, using the Dependency Injection and Service Locator patterns, with simple examples in C#.

This site also has some interesting articles about the IoC & DI:
Dependency Inversion Principle, IoC Container, and Dependency Injection (Part - 1)[^]
Dependency Inversion Principle, IoC Container & Dependency Injection (Part - 2)
Dependency Inversion Principle, IoC Container, and Dependency Injection (Part - 3)
Dependency Inversion Principle, IoC Container, and Dependency Injection (Part - 4)

Below is a nice video which demonstrates Inversion of control and how its is different from DI (Dependency Injection):
And here look more examples:

I hope this will help you))
Good Luck!
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Y.Desros 20-Jan-15 6:55am    
Nice answer Alex!
Volynsky Alex 20-Jan-15 7:07am    
Thanks Y.Desros!
I just implemented my custom IController methods. And then I used that class in Application_Start.

public class ControllerFactory : DefaultControllerFactory
public override IController CreateController(RequestContext requestContext, string controllerName)
IController controllerObject = null;

Type controllerType = GetTypeForController(controllerName);
if (controllerType != null)
IEmployee employee = new EmployeeService((IRepository) new Repository());
controllerObject = (IController)Activator.CreateInstance(controllerType, employee);
return controllerObject;

public override void ReleaseController(IController controller)
var disposable = controller as IDisposable;
if (disposable != null)

private static Type GetTypeForController(string controllerName)
string fullTypeName;
Type type = null;

var ioCDictionary = new Dictionary();
ioCDictionary.Add("Employee", "HRApplication.Controllers.EmployeeController,HRApplication");

if (ioCDictionary.TryGetValue(controllerName, out fullTypeName))
type = Type.GetType(fullTypeName);
return type;

Then in app start we need to have this code
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