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Hello experts,

What would be best way to create a website. Meaning Is it a good practice to create a new web application or create a website. At the end this project should be on internet.
you may think this is a stupid question. But it really help many and I am one among many.

Zoltán Zörgő 20-Jan-15 13:55pm
1) What is the purpose of thi site?
2) What is your experience in this field - Web technologies (css, xhtml, javascrip/jquery), .net technologies, databases?
3) What does your provider support?
sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:04pm
1) Site will be like data entry page. Like every user comes into sites enters the data which is having more than 50+ texboxes and 20 drop down.
2) Upon collecting the Data internal stakeholders will select each user from a grid and send data through a webservice.
3) I am novice. I worked in C#,JS past. Currently I want to play with Bootstrap and VB.NET and iseries DB2.
Please advice on based on the above.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 13:56pm
No the question itself is not stupid at all; it should be decide with proper understanding. Only the title of the question might cause some to think the question is stupid (again, it it not). I would advise to be careful when creating question titles.
sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:00pm
Yeah well said.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 14:01pm
Thank you. Please see my answer now.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 14:05pm
If you don't mind, I'll explain the importance of the titles.
People read titles first, before reading the content of the questions, and only then they may decide to read it or not. Some will say: "Why opening the question of someone who does not even understand that the only method to create a Web site is using one's brain?!" :-)
sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:09pm
Hahaha... Yes I don't mind. Please teach me. I am learner so I never mind something to learn.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 14:12pm
I appreciate it very much — this is one of the most important prerequisite to success, which many miss. (As well as sense of humor, by the way.)
I can see you already accepted my answer.
So, good luck, please call again.
sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:16pm
Sure TQ. You are such an awesome expert I always like to ask questions. If there is a quick technical chat window to top experts that would be an awesome idea for beginners like me.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 14:44pm
Thank you very much for your nice words. (And the Solution 2 is waiting for you.)
We don't have a chat and are often just talk in comments. You can contact me via my Web site you can find in my Code project profile (or if you Google "Sergey A Kryukov" verbatim, it would be the first line) and then we can set a way to talk; but I cannot promise anything.

sudevsu asked:
Yes this is the difference that makes it easy. But when starting a project completely new without any Team this is real tough for me. Only one developer is everything and is entirely new. So what do you suggest? Best is to choose web application or web site?
At first, this question looked weird to me, after answering you in Solution 1, but then I realized that this is, essentially, a different question (still weird in formulation, but understandable).

My first reply would be: "Well, you should know your ultimate goals, something I have no idea about, so how can you ask me to make a choice for you?" That would be fair, and I hope you don't understand that I won't give you one choice of the two. The logic is apparent: if there were two different solutions, and one would be always better than another one, don't you think that the inferior solution would be pretty much forgotten with time. But both Web sites and application still co-exit for a long time. You need to check the points discussed in the MSDN article referenced against your goals and requirements. But this is too trivial.

So, I guess I have to answer on different question: what to do if the choice is still not clear for you at the moment. I can admit it would be possible.

The idea is simple: create a simple prototype in the form of a Web site and another one in the form of Web application. The prototypes should be simple (apparently, one goal is to reduce development time), but never trivial; it should address your goals and most characteristic specific requirements, say, questionable or non-obvious features. If the choice is still not apparent, make the prototype more complex.

Generally, don't be afraid of making more prototype. Don't throw them out, always store them in the same revision control system (I hope you use one, if not, your team is just wasting time, not really developing). One of the biggest fallacy of project management is very usual opposition to prototyping. Stupid manager afraid they waste developer's time. It's hard to think of something as wrong. Prototypes save from major disasters.

On next step, you can make a wrong decision, even when on the "real" project. First of all the change of the way is possible:[^].
(I did not find a manual for the migration in the opposite direction, but this is possible, too.)

But better settled it more confidently on the prototypes. Your know, people asked me several times: "what is good architecture?"
I answered:
Better architecture is not the one which has no mistakes. Better architecture is the one where fixing those mistakes costs less.

Good luck,
sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:46pm
awesome thanks.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 15:11pm
You are welcome.
Good luck, call again.
The choice between Web site and application is well explained here:[^].

sudevsu 20-Jan-15 14:12pm
Yes this is the difference that makes it easy. But when starting a project completely new without any Team this is real tough for me. Only one developer is everything and is entirely new. So what do you suggest? Best is to choose web application or web site?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jan-15 14:34pm
I answered in Solution 2.

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