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I have a list of queries then every queries I want to export to different worksheets. I use StreamWriter for fast transfer to CSV file. (see sample code below)

Dim _listOfQrys As New List(Of String)

  _listOfQrys.Add("SELECT * FROM Table1")
  _listOfQrys.Add("SELECT * FROM Table2")
  _listOfQrys.Add("SELECT * FROM Table3")

  For Each _query As String In _listOfQrys

      Dim _dataAdap As New SqlDataAdapter(_query, Constr)
      Dim _dataTbl As New DataTable


      If _dataTbl.Rows.Count > 0 Then

          Dim headers = (From header As DataGridViewColumn In _dataTbl.Columns.Cast(Of DataGridViewColumn)() _
             Select header.HeaderText).ToArray

          Dim rows = From row As DataGridViewRow In _dataTbl.Rows.Cast(Of DataGridViewRow)() _
                     Where Not row.IsNewRow _
                     Select Array.ConvertAll(row.Cells.Cast(Of DataGridViewCell).ToArray, Function(c) If(c.Value IsNot Nothing, c.Value.ToString, ""))

          Using sw As New IO.StreamWriter("sample.csv")
              sw.WriteLine(String.Join(",", headers))
              For Each r In rows
                  sw.WriteLine(String.Join(",", r))
          End Using

      End If


My question is how to export those _ListofQrys to different worksheets?

Any alternatives or other solutions is much appreciated. thanks!

1 solution

The *.csv format does not support worksheets!

Maybe you can try this:
A free "Export to Excel" C# class, using OpenXML[^]

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