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Suppose if both table do not common field and don't have any can you join that two tables..?

Table name is EMP
1       SAM    CLERK
2       RAM    ACCOUNT
3       PRABU   CLERK
4       RAJ     MANAGER

Table name is DEPT
10       ACCOUNT     UK
20       ANALYST     US
30       RESEARCH    JAPAN
Updated 28-Jan-15 2:30am
CHill60 28-Jan-15 8:29am
Don't SHOUT! It's considered rude
ZurdoDev 28-Jan-15 8:29am
Please do not use all CAPS. It is considered shouting and rude.

You cannot join them if there is nothing to join on otherwise you get a cross join. What output do you want?

You would not want to join two tables that have nothing in common.
What you can still do is a CROSS-JOIN that will list out all combination of rows - CROSS-JOIN[^].
Employees surely have to belong to some departments else they are employees. So add a column "deptno" in the "emp" table and link it to the "deptno" in the "dept" table, and now you have the relationship.
Read more: Introduction to database design[^]

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