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Good Afternoon,
Guys i am going crazy and i am tired of this crap, can anyone help me with the tabcontrols? I did read the topic you guys have but still getting this error:
the content ('</asp:TextBox>') does not match with any of the propertys inside of the 'AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel', make sure it's well formed
C:\DanielG\KactusFuentes\KactusSO\frmSoInaci.aspx   754

<cc1:TabContainer ID="TabContainerDesClasi" runat="server" Visible="False">
    <cc1:TabPanel ID="TabPanelClasiEven" runat="server" HeaderText="Clasificaci&#243;n de Eventos">
    <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server">

This is the code i have so far, it is pretty simple as you guys can see.
I am gonna go take a brake when im back i wanna see a good answer lol jk jk

Updated 10-Jun-10 10:47am

In the tab container add this code now it will be fine working with tab control.. in this u can also add header template if needed to specify the name of tab panel..
<asp:TabPanel runat="server" ID="tpChangePassword" >
         <asp:TextBox runat="server" Font-Bold="true" ID="txtCurrPwd"  </asp:TextBox>


ok a friend of mine help me out with this one guys
the mistake is the <content template=""></content>'s are missing :thumbsup:

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