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Hi all,

i have used to developed one application( c#), which is for recharging amount on online website.

Actually i have successfully hosted this application in live.

But my problem is, when i supposed to made recharge from my website, i unable to get transaction instead on that to get failed transaction.

but its happened not the every time.

some time i get success transaction also

so what i asked you that, whether am getting failed transaction by my third party payment side or my side.

please drop me any idea, so that i can jump to start reveal my website.

thanks to all.

1 solution

We can't answer this: there isn't enough information, and we don't have access to the systems needed to ask for the info.
So start with any error messages, and look at them carefully. Anything obvious, like a "transaction failed because..." or similar?

Then look at your payment gateway, and ask them if they have any info on the attempted transactions: is there any info in common that they can see? Do the transaction attempts reach them? And so forth. Work through the "supply chain" until you get to the point where the requests die, and then start looking for why.

Sorry, but we can't debug this - and you shouldn't trust us to do it anyway, as relying on public sites for any code to do with real money, is at best negligent, and at worst criminally insane! Remember that you personally could be liable for any monies that go missing - and "I got it from this site" is not going to prevent you being prosecuted fro theft or fraud!
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