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I have two environments (Test,Prod). I have a page which populates data from DB and show it in a grid. Grid view has a button to select a particular row. But when user clicks on this button in production environment it gets stuck but the same is running fine in test environment. Application is using jQuery1.8.3.js in prod environment.
When I run this code in chrome and debugged it it gives Internal Server Error 500. This error not coming in test env.
Is there any IIS setting or production environment issue. Pls suggest.

Sinisa Hajnal 6-Feb-15 2:10am    
Depends on your setup of which you haven't said a word. Server error 500 is server not accessible, right? Check user rights on the production, especially regarding access to images, css and other resources that are "quietly" loaded. Also, you point out that production uses jQuery 1.8.3...does that mean that you develop on some other version?
SNI 6-Feb-15 3:35am    
No but jQuery1.8.3 is debug version and min is release version. So will that affect on production environment.

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