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I have created an application in which I have used datatables and handler for binding data with datatable, where I have used JSON dataformat.

When I request for the data First time all 100,000 records come in the datatable which is client side but when I click second time, At datatable creation it will not execute the further code and browser become irresponsive and hanged.
Thanks7872 6-Feb-15 6:41am
100,000 records come in the datatable.......??????

Makes no sense at all. All i wanted to say is 'you should not'.
Member 11432263 6-Feb-15 6:45am
I am showing only 10 records per page but i have 100,000 records in datatables which containg paging property.

and if first time i am getting the record from the database withing 10 sec but when i click second time it is not going to the server side and stops at data table creation at client side.
Thanks7872 6-Feb-15 6:49am
I didn't mention the way you present your data to user. It will be huge performance hit for the app if data is being fetched this way.

If getting data from database takes 10 sec, you really need to redesign the app.
ZurdoDev 6-Feb-15 8:06am
You said that all 100,000 records "come in the datatable which is client side." That much data client side will cause the browser to hang.

1 solution

Thanks for your precious time. I got the answer. I am clearing the table data at every find click by using fncleartable().

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