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I wrote following code for get names of inbox sub folder
private void comboBoxInboxFolders_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)

     private void LoadEmailFolderCombo(ComboBox nbFolders)

         OutLook._Application outlookObj = new OutLook.Application();
         OutLook.MAPIFolder emailFolder = (OutLook.MAPIFolder)

         if (!nbFolders.Items.Contains("Default"))
         foreach (OutLook.MAPIFolder subFolder in emailFolder.Folders)
             if (!nbFolders.Items.Contains(subFolder.Name))


but it wont give any output and it is running pls tell me wht is the issue there ..i am using outlook 12.0 object library
Updated 13-Jun-10 3:16am
Henry Minute 13-Jun-10 8:38am
Please do not be offended. It's just that I have noticed a lot of requests from you about the same project. I put the smiley on the end to indicate that I was joking. If I knew anything about Outlook programming I would try to help you, but I don't even use Outlook. Good luck!
Kasunmit 13-Jun-10 8:43am
ok ok i know that u r joking friend ... i add that comment because some other ppl r in code project also might think that i am using their knowledge for my personal gain or earn income ... i was not offended because u ppl have right to tell that cos i am the one who disturbing u every time .. :D

1 solution

How much are you paying the nice people here at Code Project who have, piece by piece, completed your project? :-D
Kasunmit 13-Jun-10 8:31am
:P i apologizing for disturbing u ppl .. but this is not a project that i can earn .. if it is so i can get help from experts by paying them or get training but this effort is only for get done my university project for academic purpose .... i need to tell that this is my 1st project so i have no idea about programming ... i can t pay any of u coz i dnt have any sort of income yet... only thing i can give u is thnx and smile ...

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