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I want to store tf folderdiff command in variable in batch file. I want to check if there is any files modified on tfs. I'm able to get number of modified files number by following command but i want to check do some operation if modified files number is greater than 0.

tf folderdiff [sourcePath] targetPath /recursive /login:username,password /noprompt /view:different

If have any idea please share.

It's a bit tricky to read result of a command into a variable. I prefer a workaround: write the result to a temp file then read its content to a variable:
echo 42 > "%TEMP%\tmp.txt"
set /p result=<"%TEMP%\tmp.txt"
if %result% GTR 40 echo OK

Temp file is created in temp folder.
SachinSutar 12-Feb-15 3:52am
Access is denied message displayed.
Is need any permission for it ?
Tomas Takac 12-Feb-15 7:32am
It's probably because you don't have the right to write to the current folder. I update the solution so the file is created in temp folder, this should do the trick.
SachinSutar 12-Feb-15 20:07pm
Thanks.. It works.
now i want to check some fixed string is exist in that variable or not so i tried

echo %result%|find "%fixValue%" >nul
if %errorlevel% == 0 (echo yes) else (echo no)

but it always return error level 1 even if string is present in result.
have you idea how to do that ?.
Tomas Takac 13-Feb-15 2:14am
The way you check for errorlevel is wrong, try this:
if errorlevel 1 (echo no) else (echo yes)
It means "if errorlevel >= 1 ..."
In batch files there is no way to directly assign the output of a command to a variable, but you write it to a temp file and than read that temp file into a variable using set /p...
[your command] > output.tmp
set /p var < output.tmp
SachinSutar 12-Feb-15 3:38am
I tried that but it gives "Access is denied" message.
Is it need any permission ?
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 12-Feb-15 4:08am
Maybe to write the file?

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