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i have a dropdown list campus as head office,campus1,campus2

<label for="textfield" class="control-label">Campus</label>

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddBranch" CssClass="input-large" runat="server"

this is campus load method:
private void LoadDDCampus(int intEmployeeID)

DAOEmployeAttendence objDAOEmployeAttendence = new DAOEmployeAttendence();
DataTable objDataTable = new DataTable();
objDataTable = objDAOEmployeAttendence.spGetInfoAboutUser(intEmployeeID);
ddBranch.DataSource = objDataTable;
ddBranch.DataTextField = Convert.ToString(objDataTable.Columns["CampusName"]);
ddBranch.DataValueField = Convert.ToString(objDataTable.Columns["CampusID"]);

ViewState["CampusID"] = Convert.ToString(objCrypto.Decrypt(Server.HtmlEncode(Request.Cookies["UserSessionCookie"].Values["CampusID"])));

when i select head office or campus1 or campus 2 ,suppose i select head office then in another dropddown list should only show that head office empolyees in recieved by dropdown list. in other words if i selcet any campus then in dropdown of received by only shows that specific users according to campus selection in dropdown of campus.
div class="control-group">
<label for="textarea" class="control-label">
Received By</label>

<asp:DropDownlist ID="ddReceivedby" CssClass="input-xlarge" runat="server" >

its method load dd is:
public void loadReceivedBy()
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt = provider.spReceivedby();
ddReceivedby.DataSource = dt;
ddReceivedby.DataTextField = Convert.ToString(dt.Columns["FullName"]);
ddReceivedby.DataValueField = Convert.ToString(dt.Columns["EmployeeID"]);
and its store procedure is spReceivedby():
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spReceivedby]
SELECT '0' AS EmployeeID, 'Select' AS FullName
SELECT EmployeeID,FullName
FROM EmployeeProfile
so what should i do??
Updated 12-Feb-15 20:04pm

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