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i am student .i have a question!.i dont understand "Instance and Static Method with this Keyword"..plz help me .thank you!
PIEBALDconsult 13-Feb-15 20:37pm    
Well I don't understand your question. Please use Improve question to add more detail and context. Do you have a link to what you don't understand?
Nguyen Jay 13-Feb-15 21:01pm    
how to use keyword this ..creat Instance and Static Method .thank you bro!
PIEBALDconsult 13-Feb-15 21:05pm    
That's not any better. Try again, and use Improve question, don't post a reply to me.

1 solution

In brief: instance method gets implicit parameter "this" used to access the instance on which the call is done. Static method does not have it; it is roughly equivalent to the pre-OOP function/procedure; in .NET, a static method cannot be virtual (but there are technologies where it can be).

To illustrate instance method mechanism, consider this:
class MyClass {
   internal void SomeInstanceMethod() { // "this" parameter is not shown, but it's there
       this.SomeMember = 3; // which SomeMember object is this? see below...
   internal int SomeMember { get; set; }

MyClass myInstance = new MyClass();

// when you enter SomeInstanceMethod stack frame in this call,
// this equals to myInstance
// if it was a static method, the call would be equivalent to
// SomeInstanceMethod(myInstance)

As you can see, myInstance.*() call is the way to pass instance parameter "this" to the method.

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