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I am new in MFC, not much experience in C++ either.
I am trying to send data in edit box to serial port. I can send strings(LPCSTR) to WriteFile function as of now. Now I need to send data which user types in hex format in editbox to serial port. When I type say 0X6A or $6A i want to send 6A in hex otherwise as a string.

Can anybody help please. :confused:
Updated 13-Jun-10 23:51pm
Member 9336330 3-Sep-12 2:05am     CRLF
i am new in mfc i want to make a dailog based application using mfc in which i will enter the data to convert it into hexadecimal using button... i am entering the the data but it is not getting converted.. please help me send the code to

Getting a byte from its hexadecimal representation (string) is an almost trivial task, you may do it yourself or you may use, as suggested, strtoul [^] function or sscanf [^] one.
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You could convert your input string using strtoint, it accepts decimal or hex numbers, here's a link to the msdn help:-;k(DevLang-"C++")&rd=true[^]

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Gautam Raiker 14-Jun-10 5:56am     CRLF
Thanks Alison :) I think this function would help me i will give it a try. i would need more your help later.
LittleYellowBird 14-Jun-10 5:58am    
Glad to help :-)
If you want a C++ solution then consider using a stringstream and the std::hex manipulator.

For example to convert a string of hex digits into a number:
std::string hex( "6a204687" );
std::stringstream str( hex );
unsigned number = 0;
str >> std::hex >> number;

One other thought, you might like to implement a DDX_hex function to complement the other DDX_ functions MFC gives you for exchanging hex numbers with controls in a dialogue box.



Edited to get rid of a spurious word in the code.
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Gautam Raiker 15-Jun-10 4:16am     CRLF
Thanks for your help. Could u tell me more about how to implement this DDX_Hex function .some links would be helpful.

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