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I have a string which I want to encrypt into a single character, and I also want to decrypt that single character into it's original string. Is there any algorithm to achieve this task or is there any way to perform this operation?

Updated 14-Jun-10 6:12am
RussellT 14-Jun-10 15:47pm
Reason for my vote of 1
Makes no sense.

Is lossy compression acceptable? :laugh:
Sandeep Mewara 14-Jun-10 15:36pm
I think it should be acceptable as long as you provide a 'gainy decompression' algo, to get back what was lost! :P
DaveyM69 14-Jun-10 18:11pm
we need to be able to vote on comments - 'gainy decompression' has gotta be worth a 5!
Muthu Nadar 15-Jun-10 1:01am
Thanx for you Reply
Generally speaking no: you cannot establish a biunivocal relation between a set and another one having less elements.
Moak 14-Jun-10 12:16pm
ORLY? Lolspeak give U compreshun! #EPICWIN :)
Muthu Nadar 15-Jun-10 1:01am
Thanx for you Reply
CPallini 15-Jun-10 2:47am
You are welcome.

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