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How to use multipal values selected in checkboxlist in sql command

now i use
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT CustID,[P1],[P2] from temp1 up pivot(sum (quantity) for ProductID in (P1,P2) ) as pvt order by CustID",con);

but i want use Dynamic value of P1, P2 in sql command.

any one can help me,

thanks in advance.
Updated 16-Feb-15 21:09pm
You mean that you want to pass some values for P1 and P2?
Shrikesh_kale 17-Feb-15 2:25am    
no i want to add P1,P2, P3 dynamic selection from the checkboxlist selected items.
checkboxlist contains P1 to P10
You previously mentioned that it is a Combobox. Now you are saying Checkboxlist. What have you tried for that?

1 solution

You ca add a javascript function to concate list box value like this

function listBoxToString(listBox,all) {
    if (typeof listBox === "string") {
        listBox = document.getElementById(listBox);
    if (!(listBox || listBox.options)) {
        throw Error("No options");
    var options=[],opt;
    for (var i=0, l=listBox.options.length; i < l; ++i) {
        opt = listBox.options[i];
        if (all || opt.selected ) {
    return options.join(",");

then You need to pass it to sql parameter
like @ListBoxValue , It should be string type.
after that you need to create a function to split this value or you can use IN Operator in sp login

like Select * from table
where id IN (@ListBoxValue)
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