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Hi All,

I know this issue has been asked many times and I resolved this issue by implementing the solution provided from one of the blog but I am still facing the issue.

Here I am converting a datatable to xml where i can expect mobile no column can be empty and need to handle exception properly during conversion.
Below is the code snippet

ublic string convertGridDataToXML()
            StringBuilder stb = new StringBuilder();
           DataTable dt = (DataTable) Session["Datatable"];
           // DataTable dt = (DataTable)GridView.DataSource;
                if (dt!=null)
                    foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<staffid> {0} </staffid>", row[0].ToString()));
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<firstname> {0} </firstname>", row[1].ToString()));
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<lastname> {0} </lastname>", row[2].ToString()));
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<mobileno> {0} </mobileno>", (row[3].ToString() == " " ? " " : row[3].ToString())));
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<cardno> {0} </cardno>", row[4].ToString()));
                        stb.Append(string.Format("<email> {0} </email>", row[5].ToString()));



When I am submitting this to the database I am getting this error "Reference to undeclared entity 'nbsp'. Line 1, position 155" . Can some one provide help in getting the effective solution for handling this exception.
Updated 17-Feb-15 17:33pm

XML does not understand nbsp. You can define it in your xml page where you add it to your DOCTYPE element:
<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [ <!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;"> ]>

now you can use &nbsp; in your xml page!
or you can just use the number everywhere, which is less readable: &#160;
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Prashant Bangaluru 19-Feb-15 23:19pm    
I am not saving the file in xml.. I am feeling that I have to do some encoding and decoding which I am missing.
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