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A file exists named "vb19/02/2015" which has the static name "vb" and a dynamic date that is today's date. I want to check that a particular file has the string "vb" in it and the today's date. I want to use VB script.
Updated 19-Feb-15 0:28am
Richard MacCutchan 19-Feb-15 7:08am    
And what is the problem? Does VBScript have a feature that can list all files with a particular pattern that you could search for?

1 solution

The following script should work
'Work out what the filename should be
Dim dt
Dim fn
fn = "vb" & Lpad(day(dt), "0", 2) & "/" & Lpad(month(dt), "0", 2) & "/" & year(dt)

'search for the file
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
foldername = "c:\temp"   'change this as required

If fso.FileExists(fso.BuildPath(foldername, fn)) Then
	WScript.Echo fn & " exists in " & foldername
	WScript.Echo fn & " not found"
End If

'Lpad function from
'bug fixed from Lpad = PadString + MyValue
Function Lpad (MyValue, MyPadCharacter, MyPaddedLength)
	Dim x
	Dim PadLength
	Padlength = MyPaddedLength - Len(MyValue)
	Dim PadString
	For x = 1 To Padlength
		PadString = PadString & MyPadCharacter
	Lpad = PadString & MyValue
End Function

Points to note:
- I had to remove the "/" to test this as I'm working in a windows environment and that character is not legal in filenames

- I've used the day,month, year VBScript functions to force the date (in the file name) to always be the format I expect (rather than using date formatting which could differ depending on culture)

- I've padded the day and month with leading zeroes for consistency of naming - the requirement was implied by your use of /02/

- The function from M$ (See reference link in the code) didn't work so I changed the + to a & (string concatenator)
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