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i have my website C:\inetpub\wwwroot\website. in my website i upload the image using c# to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Uploadimages\. i have successfully upload image in this folder. but i could not get image from this path to display image in website. how to display image from outside the root folder. please any one help me with that.?
Sajith Dilhan 4-Mar-15 3:22am    
<img src="<%=yourpath%>/Images/imgxx.png" />

you can specify the path in web.config file.
Member 10705961 4-Mar-15 3:35am    
i have to give path in c#. how to do outside the project folder path in c#.?
[no name] 4-Mar-15 3:28am    
C:\inetpub\wwwroot\websitename\Uploadimages\img.jpg ? this is ur path.u can easily retrieve the u got any error?
Member 10705961 4-Mar-15 3:34am    
can you please elaborate with some code. i already using with web.config file, but it did not work
Sajith Dilhan 4-Mar-15 3:43am    
put the path in web config
< configuration>
< appsettings>
< add key="ImagePath" value="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\websitename\Uploadimages">

< /configuration> ;

then read it from C# code
string path= WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ImagePath"]

1 solution

<form id="form1"  runat="server">
<asp:image id="Image1" runat="server" imageurl="~/Uploadimages/imag.jpg" />
<%--'~' it's denoting the root path--%>
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Member 10705961 4-Mar-15 3:49am    
the path is dynamic. so i want to give image path using c#. the path change based on user selection
Sajith Dilhan 4-Mar-15 3:51am    
then you have to bind the path in page load event dynamically.
get the path into a variable based on the user selection.
then bind to image
<img src="<%=yourpath%>/Images/imgxx.png" />
Member 10705961 4-Mar-15 3:53am    
can you please give code in c#
[no name] 4-Mar-15 4:02am    
try this :
Member 13161813 30-Nov-17 0:13am    
Dear sir/mam
please help me given below question .
Display Images saved in folder outside the Website Root directory With using DataTable in GridView ASP.Net

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