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Hello Guys...

Does anyone of you knows on how to use background worker in loading or populating the data from database using DataReader in VB.NET?
Please help....

here's my code in populating the data:

Public Sub PopulateAudit()
       Dim strSELECT As String = "SELECT * FROM tblsystemaudit " _
             & " WHERE jdate='" & dtpDate.Text & "' " _
             & " AND juser LIKE '" & txtUser.Text & "%' " _
             & " AND jmachine LIKE '" & txtMachine.Text & "%' " _
             & " AND jform LIKE '" & txtForm.Text & "%' " _
             & " AND jaction LIKE '" & txtAction.Text & "%' " _
             & " ORDER BY PK DESC"

       Dim DReader As New DataClassReader
       DReader.strSELECTSQL = strSELECT
       Dim a As Integer = 0

       Do While DReader.PinoyLDataReader.Read
           With DReader.PinoyLDataReader
               dtgView.Item(0, a).Value = .Item("jdate")
               dtgView.Item(1, a).Value = .Item("jtime")
               dtgView.Item(2, a).Value = .Item("juser")
               dtgView.Item(3, a).Value = .Item("jmachine")
               dtgView.Item(4, a).Value = .Item("jform")
               dtgView.Item(5, a).Value = .Item("jaction")
               dtgView.Item(6, a).Value = .Item("jreference")
               dtgView.Item(7, a).Value = .Item("jcomments")
           End With
           a = a + 1
   End Sub can u tell me how to use the background worker here, where to place it..?

please help me...

thanks in advance guys..
Updated 27-Jan-21 5:44am

At first you shouldn't use string concatenation to populate your query, because it could cause sql injection so you need parameter queries instead.
And there's really nice sample [^] at the msdn how to use BackgroundWorker.
If you want that your dtgView table should add records in background work then you need to user threading for that.

Create one thread and put your PopulateAudit() function into threading process.
Dim myThread As New System.Threading.Thread(AddressOf PopulateAudit)

public sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RadButton1.Click
end sub 

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