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f_{1} =
\beta_{1} + \beta_{2}f_{2} & f_{2}\leq \gamma\\
\beta_{1} + \beta_{2}\gamma + \beta_{4}(f_{2}-\gamma) & f_{2} >\gamma
 it may have some extra code here with {dfdfd}
\end{equation}}and some text with so many curly braces }}'

I need to extract the string between \add[sometext]{ and }(i.e.till \add tag end curly braces)The string between \add[sometext]{ and } may varies so I can't specify these string in regex pattern I should only consider starting and ending curly braces of \add[sometext]
Expected output:

    f_{1} =
    \beta_{1} + \beta_{2}f_{2} & f_{2}\leq \gamma\\
    \beta_{1} + \beta_{2}\gamma + \beta_{4}(f_{2}-\gamma) & f_{2} >\gamma

I tried:

I don't know how to get related curly braces (i.e.\add tag start { till end })
Updated 6-Mar-15 20:01pm

1 solution

I have got a regex for my requirement.
$str = preg_replace('/\\\\add\s*\[.*]\s*{(.*?)\\\\end{(.[^\s]*?)}}/s', "$1\\end{\$2}", $str);

working demo
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