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I'm trying to create an object similar to a structure. Can't figure out how to do this

I want something like this: Buffer(4).Tray(10).Cell(99).SerialNumber = "test"

where Buffer is an object of the following classes

Class Tray

Class Cell

Thank your for your guidance
You did not really explain what you want to create.

Dear Sergey: thanks for the reply. I'm sorry that my questions is not clear.

Let me try to explain better.

I easily can create a structure and use REDIM to create the required array:

Something like this:

Public Class clsBufferClass
Public Structure Traydef
Dim ChipSerialNumber() As String
End Structure
End class

DIM Buffer(10) As clsBufferClass.BufferDef

For intI As Integer = 0 To 10
Buffer(intI) = New clsBufferClass.BufferDef
'Reallocate storage space for tray array
ReDim Buffer(intI).Tray(10)
For intJ As Integer = 0 To 10
'Reallocate storage space for chips serial number
ReDim Buffer(intI).Tray(intJ).ChipSerialNumber(99)
Next intJ
Next intI

Now, I can easily reference to a given buffer (4), tray (10) and chip (99).


I would like to create something similar using classes. With a class I could for example use INotifyPropertyChanged.

Any ideas? Thank you.
The question is not clear. You can keep using arrays of objects instead of creating a type with the array syntax. Also, you can use collections of objects, such as System.Collections.Generic.List<>.
Also, you can create indexed property which implements access by index using array-like syntax:[^],[^].


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