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How to use substring and case statement in sql?
Thank you.

[Edit - OP information from "solution"]
Using substring you will select the first 2 Initials of the consultant specialty. The specialties are these 3 as following:
(Database specialist, database analyst, business analyst)

I would like to know the query to get the results as DS, DA,BA.

Thank you,
Updated 12-Mar-15 5:48am
CHill60 12-Mar-15 11:34am    
What have you tried? Post the query you are trying to use or describe what you are trying to do
ZurdoDev 12-Mar-15 11:56am    
What is your question?
Maciej Los 13-Mar-15 3:05am    
What database: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreeSQL, Oracle, MS Access?

Firstly, CASE is not really relevant here.

For each of these strings you will need to separate them into words ... i.e. SPLIT the string based on spaces ... there are several ways of doing that described here[^]

Once you have the results you can get the initial letter of each word using
select SUBSTRING(consultant_speciality, 1, 1)
and concatenate them with the + operator.
Given the way you have presented the data you will probably also need the UPPER function to ensure it is in upper case
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Substring returns part of character, binary, text and image in SQL server

declare @string varchar (30)= 'Jignesh'
select substring(@string,0,4)

Case evaluates a list of conditions and returns one of multiple possible result expressions
declare @data int = 1

select case @data when 1 then 'one' when 2 then 'two' else 'not valid input' end

hope this will help you.
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A basic idea is here:

VALUES('Database specialist, database analyst, business analyst')

;WITH Words AS
    SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY MyText) AS RowNo, LEFT(MyText, CHARINDEX(',', MyText)-1) AS Word, LTRIM(RIGHT(MyText, LEN(MyText) - CHARINDEX(',', MyText))) AS Remainder
    FROM #a
    WHERE CHARINDEX(',', MyText)>0
    SELECT RowNo, LEFT(Remainder, CHARINDEX(',', Remainder)-1) AS Word, LTRIM(RIGHT(Remainder, LEN(Remainder) - CHARINDEX(',', Remainder))) AS Remainder
    FROM Words
    WHERE CHARINDEX(',', Remainder)>0
    SELECT RowNo, LTRIM(Remainder) AS Word, NULL AS Remainder
    FROM Words
    WHERE CHARINDEX(',', Remainder)=0
SELECT RowNo, Word, UPPER(LEFT(Word,1) + SUBSTRING(Word,CHARINDEX(' ', Word)+1,1)) AS ShortWord
FROM Words


RowNo   Word                 ShortWord
1	Database specialist	DS
1	database analyst	DA
1	business analyst	BA

The rest you need to do by yourself.
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