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Hello All,

I am developing a new Module in my ASP.NET MVC Application and i want to use AngularJS in that Module.
But in that Module i have to use JQuery too.
So is it good practice to use AngularJS and JQuery together?

Your Suggestions can help me a lot.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks7872 13-Mar-15 5:47am
'Good practice' is subject of debate,but if it serves your purpose than you can. Nothing wrong with it.
Pratik Bhuva 13-Mar-15 8:35am
Thanks Sir.
I was just worrying about the problems that might occur because of the use of these two(AngularJS and JQuery) together.
Thanks7872 13-Mar-15 9:00am
This may not be useful in context of this question but one should be very careful while using mix of knockout.js and JQuery.

Personal experience : JQuery and Angularjs is totally fine with each other. Go with it.
Pratik Bhuva 13-Mar-15 9:26am
Thank you so much Sir.
Now I can implement something more relevant than Demos in AngularJS.
Faisalabadians 17-Mar-15 11:00am
Partik Bhuva you are correct. There is no any problem with each other but I would like to add something in, never mess with dom using JQuery which is being used by AnuglarJS. I mean lets say you are trying to change content of directive but AngularJS is watching them then there might be a unpredictable situation.
Pratik Bhuva 18-Mar-15 3:09am
Thanks Faisalabandians.
Thanks for your suggestion now I will be careful while handling this kind of situation.

Yes, Of course... No need to hesitate to do so. It works great with both systems and they work as peers in your applications..
Yes. If you use JQuery, angular will use your script path of JQuery.
If not, it will use its own version -[^].

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