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Hello all,

This time i need some guidance, i know this is off topic question but seriously you guys can help me.
I learned and as i want to continue learning other .net frameworks & technologies so plz tell me how can go with it step by step.
You guys are better knew what is the difficulty level of each framework. Suggest me how i proceed from beginning to advance level.
If i am going to choose MVC as next step then there are 5 version. Is i have to learn all 5 versions or the latest one.
Give your valuable suggestions, any reference websites.

Thanks in Advance.
Sinisa Hajnal 17-Mar-15 4:38am    
What do you mean you learned ASP.NET? How? What did you program with it?
What do you know already? WPF? Winforms?

What do you know about databases? Which ones?

You need only MVC 5, other versions have some differences, but you're unlikely to encounter anything under 4 in new projects.
Raj Negi 17-Mar-15 5:12am    
Sir, I made 4-5 dynamic websites with using SQL server database. And i know nothing about WPF but i know windows forms.
Sinisa Hajnal 17-Mar-15 5:45am    
You could learn WPF. Not sure what you mean by dynamic websites, but if all of them are made from the template of the first, you didn't learn much. If you didn't by now, learn design patterns, study questions here and their answers, see if anything looks like you would do (and correct it if you would do it against best practices)
Raj Negi 17-Mar-15 8:05am    
ok thanks for the help sir.

1 solution

Don't, for the moment.
Instead, concentrate on what you have learned, and become really proficient in that. It's better to get a solid grounding, solid experience, in a subject before you start expanding into other fields. Otherwise, you end up as someone who can say they "know" loads of technologies - but can't actually use any of them efficiently.

Experience and competence come from usage, not from learning.
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Raj Negi 17-Mar-15 5:09am    
Yes you are right sir, Actually i was practicing from more than 1 now i think it's time to learn other thing.
CHill60 17-Mar-15 5:49am    
"more than 1 year" !!! ... I've been using C# seriously for over 4 years, Visual Basic in all it's forms for more than 30 years and SQL for over 20 ... I'm still consolidating my knowledge of them, and still learning new things in those topic areas!
You also mention that you've written 4-5 dynamic websites with and SQL ... my advice would be the same as OriginalGriff's ... keep doing that until you are really proficient ... 20-30 would show some real application of the knowledge you have so far.
Raj Negi 17-Mar-15 8:03am    
so i should learn more about instead of starting new framework?
Sinisa Hajnal 17-Mar-15 8:50am    
You should learn more about and winforms (that is, things you already know something about)
Raj Negi 17-Mar-15 13:10pm    
ok last thing, can you point out or suggests some topics which i should know/practicing in That would really help me to explore my study.

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