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I am trying to convert the below SQL query into linq query but am unable to do it. i can you please help how to usethis type of case statement by doing join and concatenation a special character like '*' if record exists in another table. Please help me how to do this.

Select Distinct A.MyID, Title + case when D.MyID is not null then ' *' else '' end  as Title , MagTitle FROM [MasterTitles] A left outer join TitleDetails D on A.[MyID] = D.[MyID] where [PropertyID] is not null ORDER BY [Title]

Please help
Updated 10-Aug-20 23:59pm
Maciej Los 17-Mar-15 5:52am
What exactly have ou tried?
Hardeep Saggi 17-Mar-15 5:59am
Please explain more

1 solution

It might look like :
var qry = (from a in MasterTitles
          join d in TitleDetails on a.MyID equals d.MyID into grp
          from g in grp.DefaultIfEmpty()
          select new
              MyID  = a.MyID,
              Title = grp != null ? string.Concat(a.Title, " *") : string.Empty
              //define next fields here

For further information, please see: How to: Perform Left Outer Joins (C# Programming Guide)[^]
[no name] 17-Mar-15 7:44am
+5 I love stored procedures! :-)
- Sebastian
Maciej Los 17-Mar-15 7:50am
Thank you, Sebastian ;)
jrafael83_2 14-Jun-19 12:32pm
This is great, but I faced the requirement of using Case in the Where. Is there any solution for this case?
Maciej Los 14-Jun-19 13:03pm
If you have any specific question, please don't hesitate to ask on QA forum. Use "Ask a question" widget on the left-top corner of this site. Then share the link to your question, i'll look up it.

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