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Hello everyone,

I am developing ASP.Net MVC App.

When I hit on F5 (Or clickin debug button), VS 2010 debugs and runs my app on the browser. No problem till here. However, debug stops by itself immediately(less than 1 second). So I tied to put breakpoint on Home controller, Index method. However it doesn't work as I guesssed.

While I was coding to fast I opened a window. Maybe, ı have changed some settings. However, I cant solve.

Does anyone know about this issue?
Updated 9-Jun-23 7:24am
ZurdoDev 17-Mar-15 10:08am    
Restart Visual Studio? Check the event viewer?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Mar-15 15:28pm    
Clean up project and restart studio? Remove all non-source files manually and start over?
Actually, I recently came across a .NET project which breaks the debugger, but I never faced it before. Even though the project is unacceptably bad, VS certainly had some defect. It was VS 2008 (which was one of the best VS versions), the same project with VS 2013 did not show this problem.
FoxRoot 18-Mar-15 2:22am    
Thanks Sergey.
I applied both solutions (You and Ryan). Didin't solve the issue. That problem occurs only my last project. As I mentioned before, While I was typing so fast I opened CTRL + Alt + E. Maybe I have changed something. I reseted it to defaults. But nothing changed. So, it seems that, the only solution is to copy the codes and paste to new project :)

Thank you both.
FoxRoot 18-Mar-15 2:23am    
Thanks Ryan. I have posted below what happened.

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