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Hi ,
I start to make parent control to save what children do in local database . it save websites , take screenshot , chat , when user put some ugly words show message .
it detected by AV , but when I send it to AV , they added it as false positive and remove it from data base .
the problem in Arabic language is not detected .
When my name is "قصي"
it show "rwd"
it write r instated ق !!!
I need to detect the input language for used program (for example use chrome to search in youtube , how I can detect chrome input language if Arabic or English ?)
Arkadeep De 22-Mar-15 12:48pm    
what is AV?
kosay85 26-Mar-15 14:35pm    
AV=Anti Virus

1 solution

There is no a way to simply detect the language. The problem is: for example, Perso-Arabic script ([^]) is used by Persian, Arabic, and other languages. So, looking at the set of the Unicode code points does not help. To tell one language from another, you would need to have thesaurus for all languages in question, identify, say, separate words against thesaurus and perform statistical analysis. The situation with different often unrelated languages (Persian and Arabic are from two different language families) use the same writing system is rather typical: compare Russian and Mongolian (using Cyrillic), English and Vietnamese (using Latin)…

Even this, in general case, may not help, because, in some cases, the language is not hard to identify, but just because some texts does not have certain language. What to do if some person writes using the mixture or two or more languages? What to do if many words are misspelled?

Anyway, I hope I gave you in idea.

One final note: how can you talk about programming if you are using VB6. Do you think it was ever been a programming language? :-)

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kosay85 24-Mar-15 14:59pm    
about VB6 . in fact I use in first . it is very good in take screen shoot , run as service , insert data to local db (in fact I start use Access data base then use SQLite but it is harder than Access with .NET , but I pass this problem) then I need keylogger , so I use hook for this situation (I think use vb6 in native compilation better than so when program start screen splash shown , start a part in vb6 for keylogger (use hook method) save log in program folder , every 10 minutes program read report and insert data to local database with screenshot (so just hook keyboard in vb6) and delete old report .While service to protect process and when user try to end it it restart and insert this in db
do you think using .NET in hook keyboard make OS slower than using vb6 with native compilation ?
Do you advice me to use .NET in all program parts ?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Mar-15 15:03pm    
My main advise would be: forget VB6 as a nightmare. It was obsolete even before it hit the market in 1998.
You can use .NET and ADO.NET. (And why Access? not a serious thing, not even client-server, proprietary...)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Mar-15 15:03pm    
Anyway, will you accept my answer formally?
kosay85 26-Mar-15 14:34pm    
I start using access then use SQLite (as I told you). I think I must use .NET in all project
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Mar-15 14:59pm    
Very good, use it. You will need to use ADO.NET. Any problems with that?

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