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I am using the .Net 4.0 and excel 2003

How can i use an oledb connection to retrieve the cell format of an excel spreadsheet... I specifically want to find out if a cell column (or cell itself) is in a numeric percentage format.

I cannot seem to find this information in the GetOleDbSchemaTable method.

EX: My web app reads numbers from an excel spreadsheet. This works fine; However, if the numbers are in a percentage format, excel displays it as (fraction*100) but the actual value is a fractional decimal (1/3 = .3333..) - Excel displays as 33.33% - (Notice the decimal point).

Therefore, i need a way of distinguishing between what is a percentage & what is not to allow my webapp to work properly...

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.....
Updated 22-Jun-10 3:27am

1 solution

There are more than just percentage formats that can cause issues when trying to read Excel cell values. Take a look at this MSDN article [^]on retrieving cell values; it has a lot of useful code snippets.
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