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As part of my internship, i need to convert a big fortran code to a c++ code, i discover the fable solution, but once i install it into my computer, i couldn't run the "fable_build\sethpats.bat" file.
Can you please help me to find a solution to my problem ?
[no name] 25-Mar-15 5:40am
How hard did you try? What were the errors?

Reda55 25-Mar-15 5:59am
actually, i followed the instruction written on "", i've download the .exe file, then i went to sethpats.bat file, i double-clicked on it, and all i got is a black cmd window which disapears after 3 seconds (i've already add the python path manually) maybe i should add another path ?
[no name] 25-Mar-15 6:25am
Well I assume that sets some paths. Why don't you examine it to see what it does (sethpats.bat)? Did you try a conversion?
Reda55 26-Mar-15 5:16am
i want to convert into c++ the following fortran file "NeQuick.for", i've tried the command "fable.cout NeQuick.for" but it show me error, can you please tell me how to use the command "fable.cout" ?
[no name] 26-Mar-15 22:12pm
There are no shortcuts. Read the documentation - test the example and go from there. You can contact fable via "fable AT"

At first it looks like a typo. Is filename correctly written? At first I would search your disk for that file.

Or the file is missing. Than you need to ask the author of your installed package what is going wrong.
Reda55 25-Mar-15 6:24am
i don't think the file is missing, i found the "sethpaths.bat" file on my disk, can you just tell me the path you've added manually to run fable, because i think the problem is there
Do not double click on a bat file, as it runs in its own environment which is destroyed as soon as it finishes. Assuming you are trying to run fable in a command window, you should run the setpaths script from the command line in there first.
Reda55 25-Mar-15 10:38am
the file is running, and the "fable.cout" is finally recognized, thank you very much, can you just tell how you manage to convert your fortran file with the the command fable.cout ?
Richard MacCutchan 25-Mar-15 11:18am
Sorry, I had never even heard of fable before I read this question.

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