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I have recently developed a web application using php, javascript and html and hosted it on a purchased domain...
now i want to create a windows store app from which my web app can be directly accessed...
i discovered that windows store apps are just html apps.. so i want to create a app where i will give a fullscreen iframe lodaing my website...
i do not want to download visual studio and use it for this small app. so how can i do it in some other way???
plz help

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You've been fed wrong information, Windows Store are not just HTML applications, HTML (backed by JavaScript and CSS3) is just another API by Windows, using which you can develop Windows Runtime applications. You still get to develop applications using DirectX/C++ or XAML/C# and so on.

Secondly, if you're going to use HTML5 and JavaScript to create the application which would load the contents from your web app, you are going to use Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the only IDE that is going to allow you to perform such tasks, also Windows Store SDK is available in Visual Studio and many other factors ensure that Visual Studio is a must!

If you want to learn more about developing apps, please read this[^]. Although .NET framework has been open sourced, but I don't see Windows Runtime would be open sourced any sooner. So instead of waiting, you can install Visual Studio (Express edition) and delete it once this small app project is complete.
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Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 28-Mar-15 8:01am    
No, there is not any other source for your requirement. You're required to have Visual Studio and other required software packages to build Windows Store applications.
Mohibur Rashid 29-Mar-15 9:42am    
I know two alternative for windows development, but expensive. Sorry, cant recall the alts, but try google.

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