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Hello Community

I'm Trying a process to open a file text through a SQL store procedure
I made a file on C:\Execute.bat. The bat file contain the next command
START C:\Windows\NOTEPAD.EXE %1 where "%1" is the entry parameter that will be the path where is located the text file where i need to open.
This is my SQL code:
DECLARE @Variable VARCHAR(100)
SET @Variable = 'C:\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\LogFacturacion\LOGERROR002211.txt'
SET @CMDSQL = 'C:\Execute.bat' + @Variable

When I execute the process I obtain this message result
Filename, directory name or volume label syntax are incorrect
Updated 27-Mar-21 3:39am

1 solution

You can not run Notepad or any other program with a GUI because processes started via xp_cmdshell run as a background process and are therefore not able to show a GUI. See here[^]. The execution of the command will just "hang".

If you want to run some other non-GUI program, you would have to include a space after 'C:\Execute.bat' and quote the file path in double-quotes because it contains a space:
SET @Variable = '"C:\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\LogFacturacion\LOGERROR002211.txt"'
SET @CMDSQL = 'C:\Execute.bat ' + @Variable
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