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i have tables related to library and if i give book to student to issue,at admin site i want to decrease value of book with -1 which available in book_stock table. And display updated records in that book_stock table.
like,e.g. in book_stock table there is 16 books name of software engineering, and student is sent a request to that book and librarian give that book to that student, in book_stock table updated with 15 books records. how can i decrease records -1 run time at php ? thank u .........
Updated 1-Apr-15 0:23am

Assuming you are using a database, it's a fairly simple UPDATE query:
UPDATE MyTable SET inStock = inStock - 1 WHERE BookID=TheIdForTheBookHeBorrowed
It would probably be a good idea to include the whole thing in a stored procedure if you can, or at the least within an SQL Transaction.
Member 11572517 1-Apr-15 6:27am
thank u for response i do according this ....
You have to run an update query on the database and decrease the record by .
For e.g.
Update Data In a MySQL Table[^]

For basics on update queries - Update (SQL)[^].
Member 11572517 1-Apr-15 6:33am
thank u for response i do according this..

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