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hello every one.
in my text to xml conversion when i insert following line of code to get values within cdata
xeChildValue.Value = String.Format("<![CDATA[{0}", values[i]);

the tags for cdata < and > are not printed in xml file instead their values are displayed.
But i want open and close tags to be displayed in my xml doc not their values. so wat must i do?
note: the value that come for < is " & l t ;"
the value that come for > is " & g t ;"

1 solution

Assuming you're using System.Xml and the XmlDocument, you need to add a child node:
XmlCDataSection cdata = xeChildValue.OwnerDocument.CreateCDataSection(values[i]);

XmlDocument.CreateCDataSection Method[^]

EDIT: Based on your previous copy of this question[^], you're using System.Xml.Linq and XDocument. That makes things slightly easier:
XElement xeChildValue = new XElement(children[i]);
xeChildValue.Add(new XCData(values[i]));

Or, more concisely:
xeChild.Add(new XElement(children[i], new XCData(values[i])));

With a bit of LINQ, you can even replace your inner loop:
foreach (Capture cap in m.Groups["values"].Captures)
    string[] values = cap.Value.Split(new string[] { "@*@" }, StringSplitOptions.None);
    if (children.Length != values.Length)
        throw new InvalidOperationException("The number of children and values mismatch.");
    xeParent.Add(new XElement("data", chilren.Zip(values, 
        (name, value) => new XElement(name, new XCData(value))

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