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Hi I have a datagridview which displays my records in currency format BUT I have a particular column which I wanna display it values as an Integer.

The column i wanna change and what it displays
 15,00 €
 25,00 €
 60,00 €

My expectation:

And here is my code which isn't working:

private void dgv1_CellFormatting(object sender, DataGridViewCellFormattingEventArgs e)
var columnname = "AreaCode";
if (e.ColumnIndex == dgv1.Columns[columnname].Index)
                //Get the datagridview cell
       DataGridViewCell cell = dgv1.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[e.ColumnIndex];
                if (cell != null)
      this.dgv1.Columns["AreaCode"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "D4";



Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Apr-15 10:42am    
"Isn't working" is not informative. Why handling cell formatting? Why not just setting DefaultCellStyle permanently?
mikybrain1 2-Apr-15 6:51am    
Ja i did that already but it autmactically changed the column AreaCode too which i don' wanna have the figures to be currency.

That's why I'm asking for help.

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