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Can anyone tell me exactly what is reverse engineering of software. you can include a small example describing it. plz
Updated 23-Jun-10 4:14am

It is the process of taking a program object (relocatable or executable) and converting it into source code by figuring out what the binary code does. It requires a lot of knowledge of the format of program objects, instruction codes etc, plus much hard work. There are some ready made solutions floating about the internet, take a look at Google.
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nimi_2010 23-Jun-10 11:11am    
thanks a lot!!!!!
Let Me Google That For You [^].
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nimi_2010 23-Jun-10 8:59am    
i did that my friend...but its too time consuming..i need it in
CPallini 25-Jun-10 5:17am    
Well, thank you for the 3, my 'urgentz' friend... :-)
in easy words

(input) Source Code --[ compiler ]--> (output) executable or like

Reverse engineering
(output) Source Code <--[ reverser ]-- (input) executable or like

example :
in Sybase PowerAMC (or like) can very easy way to understanding "Reverse engineering" just by playing with SQL =).

you can try with database (sql script -> binary database; binary database -> sql script)
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