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i have two tables one is UserTable and another is Usercompanies Table

UserTable field
1. UserId
2. UserName
3. Graduation

1. Id
2. UserId
3. Company Name
4. Joining Date
5. Leaving Date
5. Currently Working

i want to select those users which have to more then 2 years experience on basis of joining and leaving date. user companies may be more then one and user can currently working in maximum 3 companies.
UserId of UserTable is foreigen key in UserCompanies Table

so please suggest me query for that
George Jonsson 4-Apr-15 1:50am    
You want to do this in c# and LINQ not SQL, right?

To come up with a solution for your question, you will need to learn about:
1. Visual Representation of SQL Joins[^]
Try to attempt it yourself first. If you are stuck while trying, then post a new question with code to ask for advice.
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Maciej Los 4-Apr-15 13:45pm    
+5 for general advice!
Peter Leow 4-Apr-15 23:03pm    
Thank you, Maciej.
var query1 = UserCompanies.Where(uc => (uc.LeavingDate - uc.JoiningDate).TotalDays > 730);
var query2 =
                  u => new { u.UserId },
                  c => new { UserId = c.Id },
                  (u, c) => new { u.UserName, c }).ToList();
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Maciej Los 4-Apr-15 13:45pm    
+5 Looks perfect!
I'd do that using one query...

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