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Dear All,

I have one datagridview in my project. I am developing it for connected mode.
I have one Add_New_Row button and I want to add a new blank row in last row i.e. footer and there is condition that row will be added if there is any data in its previous row and only one row will be added.

suppose last row shows Product_id=101,Product_name="Lux",Product_Price=30, then
if I click Add_New_Row button only one blank row will be added, and again if I click on Add_New_Row button nothing will happen and it will should an error message that last row can not be left blank. Moreover, if user add new row and doesn't do anything will it and click on save button then it should show message
" Current row can not be left blank ".

Thanks & Regards,
Sascha Lefèvre 7-Apr-15 23:08pm
Is it for WinForms?
Ravindra_IND 7-Apr-15 23:45pm is for windows form
Sascha Lefèvre 7-Apr-15 23:56pm
You don't want to use dataGridView.AllowUserToAddRows=true ?
Sascha Lefèvre 8-Apr-15 1:15am
What do you use as your DataSource for the DataGridView? A DataTable / DataView ?
Ravindra_IND 8-Apr-15 1:39am
data table
Sascha Lefèvre 8-Apr-15 6:42am
There should be a blank row after the last existing row where the user can enter a new record. And it basically behaves as you want - just without a button required. If you enter something, a new blank line appears. This is standard behaviour and if it doesn't show for you, you probably have dataGridView.AllowUserToAddRows set to false somewhere.
Where is the exact issue?
Ravindra_IND 8-Apr-15 0:21am
Hmm... I am newbie in I don't have proper idea about it....I placed my query just here...and will follow the best suggestion given by you...

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