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XmlWriter diffWriter = new XmlTextWriter("diffgram.xml", new System.Text.UnicodeEncoding());
                XmlDiff myDiff = new XmlDiff();
                myDiff.Algorithm = XmlDiffAlgorithm.Precise;
                bool bSame = myDiff.Compare("source.xml", "changed.xml", false, diffWriter);
                bool bSameopp = myDiff.Compare( "changed.xml","source.xml",false, diffWriter);

above code is used to find difference between 2 xml files. but the third xml files generated from this code prints some unwanted additional extra tags which are not at all required. for example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><xd:xmldiff version="1.0" srcDocHash="13138024404859952286" options="None" fragments="no" xmlns:xd="">

thus i want to remove this tag entirely. how can i achieve it?
Updated 8-Apr-15 2:54am
Sinisa Hajnal 8-Apr-15 4:42am    
What have you tried? Working with XML files is easy in .NET, you have whole namespace for working on DOM.
Tomas Takac 8-Apr-15 4:51am    
You can control the formatting in XmlTextWriter via XmlWriterSettings[^] when you create the writer using Create method[^]. That covers first part of your question. I don't understand the other part about adding and removing tags. You need to be more specific.
Member 11460314 8-Apr-15 5:18am    
the second part that describes is there are some tags additional coming inside xml dox which are unwanted for example:
xd:xmldiff version="1.0" srcdochash="9106356682401414995" options="None" fragments="no" xmlns:xd=""

thus i want to remove this tag

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