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I have 20 sliders, If I change 1 slider's value then remaining 19 slider value should changed. then if i changed 18 slider value will change.same for remaining slider please help me?
Updated 7-Apr-15 23:05pm

1 solution

This is not a problem, you're just stuck defining the logic of your project. What you need is known as Binding, apart from data binding, you can bind properties of one control to other; such as Value of on Slider to the Value property of other Slider and so on.

Before you continue, please read the documentation about Data binding on MSDN[^], they would provide you enough underlying understanding of what this is in real, when you should use it, and what does it provide you with. You will be in a good company on MSDN documentations.

You can understand how to do this, from this example of mine. I will use 2 sliders (not 20) and I will bind value of second, to the value of first one. Look below,

<Slider Name="slider1" Minimum="0" Maximum="100" />
<Slider Value="{Binding ElementName=slider1, Path=Value}" Minimum="0" Maximum="100" />

Now when you will change the value of first slider, the value of the second one would change automatically; because it is now bound to the slider1. Learn more about Slider controls on MSDN[^]. You can then use the same mechanism to bind other controls to each other.
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