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Hi guys,
I have 3 columns:
Action Start Date, Planned Closure Date & Real Closure Date in my application called Employee Actions Manager developed by using VB.Net2010 & MS Access 2010.
I want to set a reminder that can remind me on 5th day after the Planned Closure Date for each action.
I want a reminder when I open my Application, I have all the records in data grid...can I highlight the record as a reminder???

What I already did added a query in the Action Log Table Adaptor under name (FillByPositive5DaysDelay) which is as follows:

SELECT        ID, ActionReferance, ActionDescription, ActionSite, ActionCategory, ActionImportance, ActionAccountability, ActionProgressStatus, ActionClosurestatus, ActionDoneBy, 
                         ActionComment, ActionYear, ActionStartDate, PlannedClosureDate, RealClosureDate
FROM            ActionsLog
WHERE        (PlannedClosureDate >= DATEADD(DD, + 5, GETDATE()))

But there is a SQL execution error (undefined function GETDATE in expression).So can you help me to avoid this error?

Please kindly note that I have added the following function in the Actions Log form but the same problem still persists.

Private Sub GETDATE()
        System.DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss")
End Sub

Thanks in advance!!
Updated 13-Apr-15 9:36am

Microsoft Access does not know what GETDATE() is. You can use NOW() in Access.
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Sherif Adely 13-Apr-15 10:12am     CRLF
Thank you RyanDev for your prompt reply Sorry I’m a beginner in VB and I have revised my code to WHERE (PlannedClosureDate >= DATEADD(DD, + 5, NOW())) But I have new error message (No value given for one or more required parameters) when I execute the query.
ZurdoDev 13-Apr-15 10:18am    
The plus is weird, but I don't know if that is it.
Sherif Adely 13-Apr-15 11:29am    
I removed the plus but I have the same error.
ZurdoDev 13-Apr-15 11:34am     CRLF
Just a suggestion, but it would probably be faster for you to google this. See First parameter needs to be in quotes. And d is day, not DD in Access.
Sherif Adely 17-Apr-15 10:50am    
Thanks alot :)
A proper WHERE clause should look like:

WHERE (PlannedClosureDate >= DATEADD("d", 5, DATE()))

For further information, please see:
DATE function (MS Access)[^]
DATEADD function (MS Access)[^]
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Sherif Adely 17-Apr-15 10:50am    
Thanks alot :)
Maciej Los 17-Apr-15 11:19am    
You're very welcome ;)

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