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I am doing the development for a payment screen in ASP.NET MVC (Razor engine), When the selection is changed, it should populate different partial view, it's not working, here is my code in a view file:
Can someone take a look?

<label class="control-label p1-control-label col-md-6 pull-left">Auto Draft/Credit Card</label>

@Html.DropDownList("paymentMethod", new SelectList(new List&<object>{
new { value = 0 , text = "Bank Draft" },
new { value = 1 , text = "Credit Card" },
new { value = 2 , text = "None" }},
0), new { @class = "form-control", id ="ddpaymentMethod" } )


Here is script:

$('#ddpaymentMethod').change(function () {
alert("I am clinking the drop-box");
var url = "/Payment/ChangePaymentMethod";
$.get(url, function (data) {

Here is in control:
public ActionResult ChangePaymentMethod()
return PartialView("_CreditCard");

1 solution

need to apply onchange method with 'paymentMethod'object name

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