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I Have 2 Applications
1.console applications
2.Windows applications
I need to run console application in the background of the windows application and i need to open the windows application using c#.
Black_Rose 17-Apr-15 7:05am    
Not clear..
why you want a console at all?
Does this need a user interface at all?
If not, just make it a windows forms app, and remove the form. Open the "program.cs" file, and replace the code in the Main method
Srikanth59 17-Apr-15 7:09am    
console application have some kind of long running task, so i don't want to show that console application in the windows form

To start up a process you can use the Process class in the namespace System.Diagnostics.[^]
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procStartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden;
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I just wrote a huge answer about this. Maybe it will be helpful but it will definitely get you started running background processes.

C# - Read Text From Console Window Asynchronously[^]
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