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Hi there,

This is my first post on this forum, so thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I based this code around a post taken from a user of code project and it has been perfect for my needs, however I would like to add compression before the actually encryption takes place and I was wondering if anyone could help as I am totally stuck.

I have added a DeflateStream but I simply do not understand how to progress from this point. Thanks in advance.

Public Class Encryption
    Dim fsInput As System.IO.FileStream
    Dim fsOutput As System.IO.FileStream

    Public Sub EncryptOrDecryptFile(ByVal strInputFile As String, ByVal strOutputFile As String, ByVal bytKey() As Byte, ByVal bytIV() As Byte, ByVal Direction As CryptoAction, Optional ByRef pbStatus As ProgressBar = Nothing)

        'Setup file streams to handle input and output.
        fsInput = New System.IO.FileStream(strInputFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
        fsOutput = New System.IO.FileStream(strOutputFile, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write)
        fsOutput.SetLength(0) 'make sure fsOutput is empty

        'Declare variables for encrypt/decrypt process.
        Dim bytBuffer(4096) As Byte 'holds a block of bytes for processing
        Dim lngFileLength As Long = fsInput.Length 'the input file's length
        Dim lngBytesProcessed As Long = 0 'running count of bytes processed
        Dim intBytesInCurrentBlock As Integer 'current bytes being processed
        Dim csCryptoStream As CryptoStream = Nothing
        Dim CompStream As DeflateStream = Nothing

        'Declare CryptoServiceProvider.
        Dim cspRijndael As New RijndaelManaged
        cspRijndael.KeySize = 256
        cspRijndael.Padding = PaddingMode.ISO10126
        cspRijndael.Mode = CipherMode.CBC

        'Setup Progress Bar
        If Not IsNothing(pbStatus) Then
            pbStatus.Value = 0
            pbStatus.Maximum = 100
        End If

        'Determine if ecryption or decryption and setup CryptoStream.
        Select Case Direction
            Case CryptoAction.ActionEncrypt
                csCryptoStream = New CryptoStream(fsOutput, cspRijndael.CreateEncryptor(bytKey, bytIV), CryptoStreamMode.Write)

            Case CryptoAction.ActionDecrypt
                csCryptoStream = New CryptoStream(fsOutput, cspRijndael.CreateDecryptor(bytKey, bytIV), CryptoStreamMode.Write)
        End Select

        If Direction = CryptoAction.ActionEncrypt Then
            CompStream = New DeflateStream(fsOutput, CompressionMode.Compress, False)
            CompStream = New DeflateStream(fsOutput, CompressionMode.Decompress, False)
        End If

        'Use Do While to loop until all of the file is processed.
        Do While lngBytesProcessed < lngFileLength
            intBytesInCurrentBlock = fsInput.Read(bytBuffer, 0, 4096) 'Read file with the input filestream.
            csCryptoStream.Write(bytBuffer, 0, intBytesInCurrentBlock) 'Write output file with the cryptostream.
            lngBytesProcessed += CLng(intBytesInCurrentBlock) 'Update lngBytesProcessed

            'Update Progress Bar
            If Not IsNothing(pbStatus) Then
                pbStatus.Value = CInt((lngBytesProcessed / lngFileLength) * 100)
            End If

        'Close FileStreams and CryptoStream.
    End Sub
Updated 21-Apr-15 13:18pm

1 solution

You can just zip the file/files and then encrypt it.
You can decrypt then unzip.
The user wouldn't know.

.NET Framework 4.5 - Use Compression Namespace

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