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hey all
i wanna to make auto function means function run without any event like form_load or button_clilck or ......

and this function run without any affect on the applictaion mean ( user can update database and work on program when the auto funtion run...

any idea if this possible!!!!!
thx for read
William Winner 27-Jun-10 20:57pm
Is this function being started within a form? or are you wanting to start this function when windows loads?

Or is it like wanting to run a backup after so many minutes in the background?
Ashraf ELHakim 27-Jun-10 21:00pm
thx for ur quick replay
i need the function run in background for example for every 1 min.

1 solution

Well, that's not that hard to do. What you want to do is add a Timer to your form and set it's Interval to 1000 ms (equals 1 sec).

(An article on Timer's can be found here: Pre-beginner's guide to using a timer[^])

Then, when it ticks, you start up a BackgroundWorker and tell it to do what you want. I suggest looking up BackgroundWorker on google, or in the articles here. A good start might be:

BackgroundWorker Threads and Supporting Cancel[^]

or here:
Beginners Guide To Threading In .NET Part 5 of n[^]

The BackgroundWorker is a bit much to get into in a quick answer, but there is a ton of information available on the web.
Ashraf ELHakim 27-Jun-10 21:12pm
thxxxxxxxxxxx for ur answer i will check all of them :)
thx again
Ashraf ELHakim 28-Jun-10 9:17am
hey eng william
i have issue with backgroundworker
1-i am working on mobile application and the CF dnt support backgroundworker
2- i get the dll. for Backgroundworker from this site
3- i tried this code
BackgroundWorker bw;
bw = new BackgroundWorker();
bw.DoWork += new DoWorkEventHandler(bw_DoWork);
void bw_Dowork ()
int i=0;
this part of code perform the function in bw_Dowork but still not able to run function with it
like if i have button in form how can't click on the button because application perform other operation ?
any idea for this ??!!

i will make sperate question put it here for this and if u have the answer plz and thx for ur effort

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