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i wrote above method to import unread mail details to data gride from outlook 2007. it is working perfectlly but because mail.BodyContent = MessageBox.Show(mailItem.Body); that code it give mail body without stopping what i need to do is i need to open perticuler body when i click relavent button in the data gride .. pls tell me how can i do it i am haveing buttons as mail body column thank you

private List<unreademails> GetEmailsFromFolder(string folderName)
        List<unreademails> emails = null;

        object missing = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;

            Outlook.MAPIFolder fldEmails = null;
            emails = new List<unreademails>();
            Outlook._Application outlookObj = new Outlook.Application();
            if (folderName == "Default")
                fldEmails = (Outlook.MAPIFolder)outlookObj.Session.GetDefaultFolder(Outlook.OlDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox);

                Outlook.MAPIFolder emailFolder = (Outlook.MAPIFolder)

                foreach (Outlook.MAPIFolder subFolder in emailFolder.Folders)
                    if (subFolder.Name == folderName)
                        fldEmails = subFolder;


            foreach (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._MailItem mailItem in fldEmails.Items)
                if (mailItem.UnRead)
                    UnreadEmails mail = new UnreadEmails();
                        mail.SenderName = (mailItem.UnRead == false) ? string.Empty : mailItem.SenderName;
                        mail.SenderAddress = (mailItem.UnRead == false) ? string.Empty : mailItem.SenderEmailAddress;
                        mail.Subject = (mailItem.UnRead == false) ? string.Empty : mailItem.Subject;

                            mail.BodyContent = MessageBox.Show(mailItem.Body);

                        mail.Attachment = "View Attachments";
            } </unreademails></unreademails></unreademails>

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Updated 28-Jun-10 8:43am

1 solution

First, do you understand what MessageBox.Show() returns? Because you're setting mail.BodyContent equal to a string representation of a DialogResult (assuming that mail.BodyContent is a string value).

Secondly, if what you want is to display the body of a message using a MessageBox when the message is clicked in the DataGridView, then you need to hook the CellClick or CellMouseClick event and then display the information in the cell with the given ColumnIndex and RowIndex.
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