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Hello Guys,
there is this reg-ex that i can seem to solve, any help would be appreciated,
i wana replace the searched word into an HREF,but avoid the nesting of HREFs, what im doin rite now, is that i place garbage '<##' and '##>' in the begining and end of the searched word in the text that has already been changed and then replace the words not in between <## and ##>

// placing <## and ##> 
$temptext = preg_replace('/(<a([^>]+)>)(.*?)(<\/a>)/is', "$1<##$3##>$4", $blogvalue["content"]);

//then search the word not in <## and ##>

$search = "/([^<##a-zA-Z'=:\"]".mysql_escape_string($value["keyword"]).")/is";

// replace it with the HREF

$replace = ' <a href="'.$value[" url="].'">'.mysql_escape_string($value["keyword"]).'</a>';

//assign it to the new content
$newContent = preg_replace($search, $replace, $temptext);

now the problem is that this also changes the link inside the HREF,
for example, if i have some link already changed in my content like
<a href="">Brown</a> and i wana change the rest of the 'Brown' in the content, it would ignore the 'Brown' inside the anchors, but would change the 'brown' in .....

any ideas

[Modified: added pre tags, though I'm not sure what language that is...the $ made me think PHP, but not with comments starting with //]
Updated 30-Jun-10 5:44am

I am not totally sure what you are trying to do, but I can't help thinking you are going about it the wrong way.
If what you are trying to do is replace the link text that is shown to the user in
<a href="">Brown</a>
so it becomes
<a href="">Green</a>
then why not try something a bit simpler:
which breaks it into groups: those with tags, and those without.
You can then only change the "data" group items.

If that isn't what you are trying to do, then please give us better detail.
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arifeen123 30-Jun-10 12:15pm    
thanks for the reply,
what im tryna do here is that i an developing a sevice which will change some words in a blog into Anchors, but should avoid the words already between anchor tags, means it should change "Brown" but not
<a href="someURL">Brown</a> , this is very simple,and working, but as soon as i get somehting like
<a href="Brown">Brown</a> , it changes the "Brown" inside the anchor tag, i.e and puts another anchor in place of Brown, so it becomes something like
<a href="<a href="Brown">Brown</a>">Brown</a> , i hope i made it clear, if not plz do tell me
arifeen123 1-Jul-10 5:15am    
sorry about the formatting of previous comment, the editor removed all the HTML from my comment :S , its correct now
this is by Perl (just example)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

my $url = '<a href="">adrabi</a>';
print "$url\n";
my $q = "<##" . ( 'adrabi' ) . "##>";
$url=~s/$q/You Win/;
print $url

output :

<<a href=""><##adrabi##></a>
<<a href="">You Win</a>

just change from
$search = "/([^<##a-zA-Z'=:\"]".mysql_escape_string($value["keyword"]).")/is";


$search = "/<##".mysql_escape_string($value["keyword"])."##>/is";

for find anything in <## and ##>
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