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I seem to be having an issue getting the username of the user visiting my site. This is an intranet site and will be cross domain.

What I need to do is authenticate the user in Active Directory. I know how to do this in Active Directory but what I can't do is get the username that I want to authenticate. The client does not want to use a login form, so I set my authentication type in web.config to 'Windows' and to get the user I have tried:

<br />
Request.ServerVariables.Get("AUTH_USER")<br />
or <br />
Request.ServerVariables.Get("LOGON_USER")<br />

both provide me with my username while running local. But when I post this on the our Test server I get NETWORK_SERVICES.

Can someone tell me another way of getting the correct user? Would this be where setting IIS on the test server to Windows Authentication would come in at? I have not done this yet until I figure this first part out.


Yes, you cant use "Auth_User" or Logon_User to get the appropriate username. You need to search using DirectoryServices.

Check this link :[^]

I think this is what exactly you are looking for. :rose:
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DeepToot 30-Jun-10 17:42pm    
Reason for my vote of 5
Perfect answer
Excellent that is what I was looking for!

<br />
HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name<br />

was my missing link. Love the easy fixes.

Thank you for the time and response.
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Abhishek Sur 30-Jun-10 18:10pm    
Thank you so much.

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