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i m printing one form from windows appication using c#
In dot matrix printer they arrange 10 pages continuously .
so when i give print command from application then first page comes ok as per my layout. but now again i give the print then the layout of my design get disturb.
am i required to change in my code or some printer setting will be there.
Plz give me solution it is very argent...
Sandeep Mewara 1-Jul-10 4:46am
It might be urgent to you but people help here when they get time. Please keep patience.
Goutam Patra 1-Jul-10 7:02am
Clarify with more detail or put some code and the exact problem (like How you are printing and what layout). It should be the problem in your code. Same code does not give different output
BillW33 28-Sep-10 12:59pm
As Goutam said, you need to post some source code before people can figure out what is wrong with your code.

1 solution

I'm not sure how you are printing, but using the .NET PrintDialog you'll need to provide BeginPrint, EndPrint and PrintPage methods to do the actual printing. When printing multiple pages, I keep track of which page has been printed, so each consecutive call to PrintPage knows what page is expected.

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