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Hi I am making a side scrolling game for like the ones in the old arcade games. I am having some trouble making the background scroll if anyone could give me some code to make my background move from left to right. I am using VB8 and I am a novice at coding so please make the code easy to understand.
DaveAuld 5-Jul-10 3:08am    
If you are novice programmer, you are maybe 'byte-ing' of a 'bit' much to start with...........
zero98 5-Jul-10 5:01am    
I know that but its a school project and i need to get the marks and I learn really quickly as long as everything has comments or show what part does what.

I have been coding for 3 years: does that mean I am a novice I don't know.
Dalek Dave 5-Jul-10 5:15am    
After three years you should not consider yourself a novice.
zero98 7-Jul-10 1:17am    
Ok so I am not a novice anymore yay. I just thought more like 5 years would be when you are no longer classed as a novice.

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Perhaps you should consider what the word 'answer' means before pressing it to reply to yourself. To move your background, just draw it from a different starting point, so that it appears to move. You'd do better to use XNA, Winforms is NOT a framework suitable for writing games, your game will look bad at some point due to buffering issues, or something else where you're just using the wrong tool for the job.
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zero98 7-Jul-10 1:19am    
Yeah I know I realized that after I had clicked post. Sorry. It was my first time ever posting something on a forum website.

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