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I created a WinForms application in C# with an SQL Server database.

When I execute an insert query no errors are returned, but no data is inserted either.

So please help me.
Updated 4-Jul-10 17:00pm
Abhinav S 4-Jul-10 7:18am
Maybe if you place some of your code here, someone might be able to help you.
Sandeep Mewara 4-Jul-10 9:51am
Share your code, that would help in analysing the issue.
Siva Kishore G 5-Jul-10 0:25am
If you paste your code then we can analyse it & try to solve your problem. Fixed stupid txtspk!
Christian Graus 5-Jul-10 1:47am
If you think we can answer based on this, you plainly know nothing about programming and should read a book or take a course. How can anyone answer a question that doesn't tell us what you did ?

1 solution

I believe it because you forget to use the ‘ExecuteNonQuery()’ line.
Perhaps this helps you:
Obs.: My values come from text box this is why they are so weird whit that quotation marks.

SqlConnection conexao = ConnectionFactory.NovaConexao();
SqlCommand comando = new SqlCommand("Insert into MyTable values('"+ txtValue1.Text +"', '"+ txtValue2.Text +"'", conexao);


Hope this help.

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